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The Tony Classic

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It was a cloudy evening with the temperature at 67 degrees and slowly dropping. A tee time of 8:30, we set off to complete the nine hole course. Each hole was a different bar with an attempt to hit Eagle, Birdie, Par, or Bogey. A water hazard was established, you couldn’t break the seal before completion of the 4th hole or you add 1 stroke. A puking hazard resulted in adding 2 strokes for each vomit. A sleeping hazard was placed, 3 strokes added for passing out at any hole. We had a designated marshall regulating the pace of play. Pictures with strangers at bars, Pee Wee Herman dance, singing pop acapella songs, Zoolander walk offs, putting into a solo cup, and the infamous “green chair” were just some of the added tasks to shoot Eagle.

These are the photos I took at Tonys 31st Birthday Pub Golf Challenge


Written by Daniel Bajusz

October 18, 2011 at 12:25 am

Posted in California

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