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Here it is. 

Two hundred feet from the refreshing Pacific water I get to see every morning from the second floor deck view. With some of the best waves in the country, this was a no brainer. I am now a California resident in the Outer Sunset district in San Francisco. The current temperature is 65 degrees. I went on a full day of exploring and didn’t have to change shirts from the excessive sweating.
I’ve only been here a couple of weeks and have already noticed a vast difference in lifestyle. I feel like San Francisco is light years ahead of most of the country, especially the last couple of places I have lived. Here’s why:

For starters, people actually throw their trash away in the proper place. The three way option of recycling, compost, and trash can be found from the beach, Starbucks, and movie theater to every home. Being environmental and “green” is a breeze. This is huge for me considering I was walking four blocks down my alley way in Miami to recycle in another apartment complexes bin. No landlords or building owners wanted to pay the $80 dollars a month extra to have a recycling option. I can’t really blame them, it should be free.

So far, everyone here gets it. We are in the United States of America, not Cuba. Or Brazil. Or Argentina. Or Venezuela. There is a large Asian presence here that I have had many encounters with. I didn’t need a translator or have to order something in their respective language. I gladly gave my seat up to an old Asian lady who clearly knew little to no English but guess what? She said thank you as best she could in English. The restaurant hosts didn’t carry a conversation in Chinese while waiting to seat me making me feel awkward. My dentists didn’t have group conversations in Spanish while working on my teeth. The lovely people I met all born and raised in the Philippines not ONCE crossed that line at a recent dinner party. The best part is I did hear their native tongue come out while I was at the restroom which made it all the better. RESPECT and common courtesy. A lot of people in Miami have no idea how rude it can be. Either that, or they really don’t give a fuck.. which I’m beginning to think it’s the latter. I know many people at my schools campus in Miami who feel the same way as me so I know I’m not the only one with this issue. God Bless America.

The beaches are spotless for miles to see. Dogs and drinking (no glass) are allowed and there is not one piece of trash to pick up during my 3 mile walk. It was heart breaking to see endless amounts of garbage piling up on the Miami Beaches eventually ending up out at Sea. Even with the five man cleaning crew starting at 7am, there was no way they could get everything. On early morning walks with my dog, I collected grocery bags full of waste just along the shoreline every time.

Fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, everything is local grown. Mom & Pop organic grocery stores thrive where they are preferred rather then your mainstream corporate stores like Jewel Osco or Safeway or Publix. With all the competition, organic and natural products are not over priced like they are in regions of the country they are not popular. This package of cheese was $2.99 and deals like this are common. I remember paying about $4.oo for some processed crap lacking in flavor and freshness every week back in Florida. The people in San Francisco are generally healthier because of it.

Energy Conservation
Taking the bus, train, trolly, ferry, or any form of public transportation is not looked down upon. It’s not just for the lower class population who can’t afford a car. People from all different classes of wealth utilize the convenience and energy efficient way of getting from point A to B. Most of the public transit system runs on electric, emitting zero pollutants in the air.

Running and bike paths sometimes get crowded of all the health enthusiasts getting their daily work out in. Staying in shape is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. With temperatures rarely coming close to bikini weather, I began to realize everyone stays fit for themselves.

HardlyStrictlyBluegrass Festival
Thousands and thousands of locals drunk and smoking couldn’t change my opinion about this place. I couldn’t believe how clean everyone kept the forrest. Respect the woods.. and guess what? Recycling was in full force. Below are pics from Bright Eyes and M. Ward.

Golden Gate Bridge view down the block.


Written by Daniel Bajusz

September 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm

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