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Somewhere in the land between gluttony and self-respect, two hundred chicken nuggets were purchased today for $47.92. Labor Day weekend at McDonalds has blessed us with a great deal on a 50 piece entree for just $10.99. Chris, Alejandro, Kyle, Justin, and I accepted the challenge. It was clear from my fifth nugget in this would be a race for the runner up positions. While the rest of us were discussing strategies, Chris attacked his box with precision and stealth. His sauce of choice? Tangy Barbecue. He consumed a whopping 42 nuggets with ease making the rest of us look like girls. Kyle kept a second place pace steadily dunking his nugs in sweet chili. He called it quits with a respectable 28 nuggets awaiting the digestive process. Third place was a tight one. Justin, Alejandro, and I were going nugget for nugget. Alejandro gave up at 18 as I was struggling to keep up with the Canadian Asian machine. Justin had his nuggets marinating in honey providing a silky smooth passage down his throat. We called a gentlemen’s truce at 23 in remembrance of the great Michael Jordan. The outcome is we are all losers. With over five hundred calories per ten nuggets, nobody won. That aside, congratulations Chris Nash.. I’ll see you at the watermelon eating contest later this week.


Written by Daniel Bajusz

September 5, 2011 at 12:48 am

Posted in Miami Beach

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