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Fireworks In My Closet

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I‘m always over thinking lyrical, celebtrations pyrrhicle
Oops ok I swear I’m done, hands folded to the Spiritual
Looking for that perfect girl? keep praying for a miracle
And if you say you found the one, I don’t wanna hear-it-though
A subtle snicker come nestle and crunch my milky way, chocolate
Bible and a Macbook watch me Prophet without profit
My city said I left, went ‘MIA’ and started to soften
No I will not smoke a cigg, black coughin then black coffin
Overtime.. on top of overtime, I live at the office
Never sleep when I’m producing gems, fireworks in my closet

We could have been swinging to a mellifluous tone
Instead your system sang a vapid moan
Bass cleff
A language of languish love, my heart is now torpid
Gloomy child you are, my art is now morbid
Pace Death
Morning whispers on my whiskers, face not shaved
All mighty dollar tickles me pink, Ace of Spades
Chase Checks

{Take Care} 


Written by Daniel Bajusz

August 4, 2011 at 1:46 am

Posted in Drizzy

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