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I’m So Roo

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What is Bonnaroo? It’s the Fannie pack, tie-dye bandana and jort wearing guy not changing clothes all weekend. It’s the straw hat with no shirt rapping Big Sean at ten in the morning.  Bonnaroo is a free breakfast and friendship anklets from the Jesus tent. The lemonade icees mixed with vodka that two girls with no tata’s hiked miles for. It’s the hipstamatic photographer snapping pics of the hippie headband, Indian dress and chocolate shroom munching girl. The yacht inspired car horn Beamer just beaming with dust particles that random people decided to draw and express on. It’s the got steroids, roofies, and waffles breakfast combo while unexpectedly spraying down people with a pressurized water bottle. Roo’ is sleeping in the backseat of a car with a pretty girl waking up to songs being sang by Randys Renegades having dreams about body paint on fat chicks. It’s the blonde girl with braids and a peace sign bracelett inhaling twenty pounds of dirt a day. Bonnaroo is everyone from Chicago, especially the one’s who delete their Facebook right when you get back. The one’s who wear Noah #13 jerseys to represent their city. The one’s who  after drive nine hours back to Chicago drive another seventeen back to Colorado. It’s the one’s who have a good bye late night dinner at Waffle House completing the five day festivities.

Bonnaroo is not Campsite One. It’s not clean cars or being sober with designer sunglasses and dramatic foreigners. It’s not waxing it all off, Mr. Miyagi. Roo’ is not stealing Randy’s moonshine, holding hands, cellphones, or bringing straighteners. It’s not jumping through car windshields. It’s not Sketchyboots or gator bites. It’s not Spanish. Weezy not bringing Drizzy? So not roo. Jenna asking what roo’ means is definitely not Bonnaroo. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich doing 355 years in prison? Not Roo.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.
Friends of Roo.

Crew at Roo


Hipstamtics of Roo

Thanks to Roslanna Rybak for helping me write and edit this post. So Roo.


Written by Daniel Bajusz

June 27, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Posted in Photography

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