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1,012 dollars, 1,304 pictures, 4,130 miles round trip later.. I am back from an amazing twelve days spent in Colorado. My time there was mostly spent at Keystone, Breck, and A-Basin or the horrific holiday traffic on i70 in route to the mountains and back. I strapped in and all the B.S went away. It was just me, my homeys, and the mountains. Riding gives me that break to just forget and enjoy that moment instead of worrying about the next. My trip was full of crisp, cold montain mornings waking up at 6am to head west in to the rockies. My diet mostly consisted of Cliff bars and peanut butter sandwiches. All the pictures I took at A51 (Keystones terrain park) don’t show the effort they took. Besides the occasional snowmobile lift, I was mostly hiking up and down to different spots carrying close to 50 pounds of camera equipment with me. Being at an altitude of over 10,000 feet didn’t help either, my heart was beating fast and breathing was difficult. I constantly had to stop, drink water, and rest. I like to call all this a labor of love. The next thirty eight pictures pretty much document my trip in chronological order.. Here’s a little description of the pictures also. Happy New Years everyone.

1. MIA Airport 2. Sushi Maki at the airport  3. Dave’s cat Charcoals  4. Dave stoked on squash  5. Union Station at night 6. Self portrait at Union Station 7. Dave destroying screen  8. Road to Redrocks park  9. Sunrise from Denver.. rockies in view  10. Truckers don’t be fooled..  11. Truckers chaining tires because of treacherous snow  12. Again.. trucker chaining tires  13. Dave + scenic view  14. Rockies  15. Road to Keystone  16. $6.50 Footlong (no 5 dolla in Breck)  17. AV Dave getting ready for a session  18. Self portrait in the gondola at Keystone 19. Matt and his Never Summer Colorado local board, Sick  20. Lars posted  21. PJ and his board.  22. Snow in comparison to For Sale sign  23. Chillin after a full day of riding  24. Self portrait – double Keystones at Keystone  25. Scottie 2 Hottie working the lifts  26. MISTER PRESTON JONES  27. Logan Johncox – tail down the tube   28. Britt Douglas – front lip down the tube  29. Alvaro Fernandez lope aka LALO – back lip 360 out  30. Chris – nose blunt nose grab – ridiculous  31. Drew – split second before he takes my light stand & strobe out. Damages: 60 dollar bulb  32. Lalo – board slide 360 out on the propane tank  33. Mountain dog guarding the eyewear  34. Dave and JJ cookin some bison burgers  35. Breck gondolas  36. Breck-brew  37. Sadie: Spacecraft hat  38. Sadie: Spacecraft hat (i <3 Powder)


Written by Daniel Bajusz

December 30, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Posted in Colorado

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