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I recently had the opportunity to work Art Basel Week, specifically in the Design Miami section. There were a lot of recognizable people in attendance, Pharrell Williams, Silvia Fendi, and Martine Assouline to name a few. It was just amazing to listen to all these icons in their own respective talents (art, music, fashion, architecture).
“The power of being articulate is heavily underestimated. Being able to efficiently express your thoughts and ideas is powerful beyond belief – a common undervalued quality”(Roslanna Rybak). She is absolutely right, and these artists during the design talks expressed and explained their work in ways I couldn’t imagine about my photography. We all know Pharrell to be a musician and rapper, but I bet many of you don’t know about his other projects. He is currently building a furniture line, working with scientists to find out how exactly we HEAR music so that when he creates beats he can master different sounds together that will appeal to our brain more, and working on his Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream clothing line. Even though I was working an eighty hour week during this event, I still managed to muster up the strength to get to work early and leave late to take pictures. “Wealth is of the Heart and Mind. Not the Pocket.” – Pharrell


Written by Daniel Bajusz

December 9, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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